Month: August 2018

Build a Garden Room & Rise the Property Value | Home Living

I am always fascinated by new home models and designs which gives a fresh new feel to the whole house. That’s when I stumbled upon the term garden room. Is it a room full of garden or garden with a room?

Designing Garden Rooms

So, what’s a Garden Room? 

It’s a small housing room or area which you build in the middle of your garden. They are usually installed being separated from your house. These garden rooms can also be referred to as the out-houses, summer house, etc.

Build a Garden Room & Rise the Property Value

Garden rooms are built just like your home, they will also have a cooking area and washroom on the inside. This is mandatory. You can either build a room separately for this or just make an extension to your home by attaching the remaining walls. That’s upto you how you want to build the garden room in your space.

How does a Garden Room add value to your property?

You are actually adding the value to your property in two ways. One is definitely the monetary value which is being added. You get the benefit of adding a new room, which instantly is adding to your property value itself.

Garden room ideas

The other way is based on the perspective of the buyer- they will be attracted to buy your home with the beautiful garden room you have made in it. In this way, you could increase the value of your home and sell the space at a higher price. It’s all about business!

Some Common Uses of Garden Rooms

A lot of you have asked me this question, as to how can we use the Garden Rooms and help us in designing garden room. As a new room is being built, we are simply adding up the value/price of the property. That’s the main use in making Garden Rooms though.
Now, Garden Rooms can be turned into a –

  • Extra Bedroom, that can be given on rents to people who are on vacation.
  • Your personal workspace. Keep all your work activities away from home, and give in your best to your family.
  • Family Theatre
  • Summer house, use the room just like a beach hut in your garden.

You could use your garden room as something that your home is missing out on. This way, garden rooms are just the perfect solution if you want to try out something meaningful to your property! What are you planning next?