Home Water Softener Reviews Your Guide to the Best Water Softening Systems

Best Water Softeners Awards

Shopping for the best water softener is a daunting task, not to mention confusing. One hour in the store and your head is spinning like a top. Oh, and that helpful salesman? You soon find he is not so helpful. Well, not for you anyway. He is simply trying to help himself by boosting his commission.

The most expensive is not always the highest quality, and when you want to purify the water in your home, this is what you are looking for. So before heading out to the store, take the time to research. Or better yet, read this quick guide to the best water softeners on the market.

Fleck 5600 SXT

Best Water Softener of the Year

Fleck 5600 SXT

The Fleck 5600 SXT is by far the best home water softener you can purchase for your home. First, this whole house system has all the top features available on the market today. You only need to program your cycle settings once to receive the most efficiency from your system–this saves you loads of money.

In the event of a power outage, the internal capacitor saves the times for 48 hours. Customers rave about the ease of installation and the efficiency of the softener. The rapidity with which it softens your water is yet another plus. One customer purchased this unit following the “passing” of his first Fleck system, which had a long and happy life–23 years. This speaks volumes about the quality of Fleck products.

Best Saltless Water Softener

Nuvo H2O Manor Complete Salt-Free Water Softening System

Next up we have the best saltless water softener award, which goes to Nuvo H2O Manor Complete Salt-free Water Softener. Now do not let the name fool you. This is still a salt-free water softener which changes the structure of the minerals in your water to achieve the soft water you desire.

And no salt-free water softening system does a better job of this than the Nuvo H2O Manor Complete. Customers love the ease of installation, the fact that there is no salt to purchase, great customer service and fast results. One customer noticed a difference the next day, while another in less than a month.

Best Shower Head Water Softener

Culligan WSH-C125

Have you ever taken a shower and had that not so clean feeling? I bet so if you have hard water. Just take a peek at the inside of your tub, and the damage the lime has caused. Now imagine that ring around your skin, or in your hair. Eeww! There is an answer to this problem, and it is the Culligan WSH-C125 shower head water softener.

Even though you have a whole house softener installed, it never hurts to go that extra mile and provide your body and bathtub with some additional protection. The filters inside the shower head catch those dastardly minerals and lime deposits, allowing only the softest water to make its way to your skin and hair.

As we know, though, not all softeners are made the same, and only the Culligan WSH-C125 provides the most effective protection. Customers leave glowing reviews about this softener, stating how the texture of their hair has improved, skin conditions such as eczema are now gone and the massage settings on the shower head are extremely therapeutic. Installation is a breeze, and they rarely have to change the filter–approximately every six months. The best part? It is half the price of the competition.

Best Magnetic Water Softener

Eddy Electronic Descaler

Next on our list of water softener awards is a newbie to the this wonderful world of home health appliances–the magnetic softener. If you have never heard of such a thing, give me a minute to introduce it to you. Unlike traditional home water softeners, magnetic units rely on, well, you guessed it, magnets. These, rather than salt, attract the minerals in your water, making it safe to use and drink.

These newbies offer multiple benefits water softeners do not including no maintenance (big plus), they are highly economical and efficient, you can use them for both city and well water, they are small and easy to use, they do not require cartridges or filters and they are safe for older homes.

Now the proof is in the pudding. Customers who currently use these units love the 15 minute installation, notice an increase in water pressure and a drastic change in the cleanliness of their dishes and bathrooms within two days. Customer service representatives are also quite helpful, and the lifetime guarantee on the unit is a major bonus.

Best Whole House Water Filtration System

Aqua Filter Plus WW20CS Big Blue

Okay folks, we are now moving on to the category of whole house water filter systems. And the winner is…Aqua Filter Plus WW20CS Big Blue. So what is a water filter system? It is a filter you connect to the main water line leading to your house. The difference between it and a water softening system is this: water softeners remove only a few minerals and impurities, while water filtration systems rid your drinking water of a whole host of toxins including the breakdown of city water and sanitation systems.

The very moment chlorine and other chemicals enter your water, they are removed immediately. The Aqua Filter Plus is the very best you can get, and surprisingly enough, it is not the most expensive. Amazon customers give it a five-star rating, stating it is simple to install, the chlorine odor is no longer present in their water and their organic garden is now thriving. One customer even claims she no longer has to condition her hair after shampooing.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Tap Master TMAFC

Well folks, this is our last award of the evening. Thank you all for coming. Before we go, however, we need to hand out the last purity award to the Tap Master TMAFC, for being the best reverse osmosis filter system. Now while I am sure you know what reverse osmosis is, let me explain quickly.

Master TMAFC

What this system does is takes the water from your tap, and places it in one side of the Tap Master tank, which traps all the impurities. Fresh water is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cleansed water on the other side of the tank so it can be ran back through your tap. Now you have the freshest drinking water in town.

But how does this filtration system rank among customers? Extraordinary customer service, easy installation, great tasting water, wonderful water pressure and the best reverse osmosis system on the market are just some of the 43 reviews left by happy users of this product.


Well folks, I hope you enjoyed the Purity Awards as much as I have, and I truly hope this guide is helpful when choosing the right system for your home. Whether you choose a softener or whole house filter, keep in mind the size of your home, the number of people residing in it and the severity of your problem. It makes choosing the right system easier for you.