Southern Home & Garden Expo Opens for 25th Year

The Wilson Bank celebrates its 25th Southern Home & Garden Expo at the Wilson County Center in Lebanon. This show is scheduled for February 8th and 9th this month. Through this expo, more than 100 visitors both experts and other exhibitors can get access to more ideas for the home improvement.

All About the Southern Home & Garden Expo

The Wilson County Center is located at 945 East Baddour Parkway in Lebanon.

You can access the show between 4 pm to 8 pm on Friday, and between 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday. Along with the super cool expo, you can also get access to food courts, hands-on workshop, and even the kids would have a lot of fun.

Southern Home & Garden Expo

Talking about the Expo, you will witness some cool afternoon workshops, a building project for the children, concessions, rewards, giveaways, and other door priced worth more than $16000.

The prizes include, a zero-turn mower of $3600 by the Absolute Kubota, and also $2500 Benjamin Moore painting materials by the Fakes & Hooker.

Do you know what’s the main highlight of the Saturday Expo?

It’s absolutely free for all.

Following are the list of the free workshops included on the Saturday programme-

  • Gardening with Mike Nocks from the White Harvest Seed Co.
  • How to save on the household energy with Philip Price, who works at the Middle Tennessee Electricity Corp.
  • Take care of the lawns – workshop by Matt Bryson from the Absolute Kubota.
  • Unique food recipes and their production with the support of Lagniappe Spice Co.

That was just a short briefing for you. Once you attend the Expo in real, it will surely blow out your minds.

Randall Clemson, the sponsor of the Wilson Bank & Trust CEO adds – Even though the event has grown a lot over the past 25 years in terms of innovation, it still retains the original focus and purpose.

Home improvement projects were something new and refreshing at the start. Clemson adds, the main goal of the Expo was to share ideas and the resources with the customers, neighbors, and to all the surrounding community. He also adds, ‘the Expo has benefited a lot of homeowners as we try to bring something new every year.’

Build a Garden Room & Rise the Property Value | Home Living

I am always fascinated by new home models and designs which gives a fresh new feel to the whole house. That’s when I stumbled upon the term garden room. Is it a room full of garden or garden with a room?

Designing Garden Rooms

So, what’s a Garden Room? 

It’s a small housing room or area which you build in the middle of your garden. They are usually installed being separated from your house. These garden rooms can also be referred to as the out-houses, summer house, etc.

Build a Garden Room & Rise the Property Value

Garden rooms are built just like your home, they will also have a cooking area and washroom on the inside. This is mandatory. You can either build a room separately for this or just make an extension to your home by attaching the remaining walls. That’s upto you how you want to build the garden room in your space.

How does a Garden Room add value to your property?

You are actually adding the value to your property in two ways. One is definitely the monetary value which is being added. You get the benefit of adding a new room, which instantly is adding to your property value itself.

Garden room ideas

The other way is based on the perspective of the buyer- they will be attracted to buy your home with the beautiful garden room you have made in it. In this way, you could increase the value of your home and sell the space at a higher price. It’s all about business!

Some Common Uses of Garden Rooms

A lot of you have asked me this question, as to how can we use the Garden Rooms and help us in designing garden room. As a new room is being built, we are simply adding up the value/price of the property. That’s the main use in making Garden Rooms though.
Now, Garden Rooms can be turned into a –

  • Extra Bedroom, that can be given on rents to people who are on vacation.
  • Your personal workspace. Keep all your work activities away from home, and give in your best to your family.
  • Family Theatre
  • Summer house, use the room just like a beach hut in your garden.

You could use your garden room as something that your home is missing out on. This way, garden rooms are just the perfect solution if you want to try out something meaningful to your property! What are you planning next?

What Happens When You Drink Only Water For a Week?

Water is the main component of a living being without which it is impossible to live. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, it also supports the body parts and makes them function accordingly. But what if you drink only water, so here we are going to see What Happens When You Drink Only Water For a Week?

If you are looking to reduce your body weight, then drinking plenty of water can help you out. When you drink water in an adequate quantity, then you will feel full. Therefore, you will need fewer calories and eat less that will ultimately support and aids in weight loss.

If you drink less water, then your body may suffer from the dehydration. There are many negative impacts of dehydration on your health like body fatigue, headache, and reduced body functioning. Do read water softener system reviews to know everything about your water. Drinking more water helps in boosting the metabolism and keeps you active all around the day.

There are many advantages of drinking more water when you are on the regular diet. But what if you drink only water for several days? We will try to answer this question in the next segment of this article.

What Happens When You Drink Only Water For a Week?

If you are planning to drink only water for a week, then are many benefits of it. But before this, you need to gain confidence as you are not going to eat food for the next week. A healthy human can survive for many days without food, so the one week water fast won’t be that difficult.

What Happens When You Drink Only Water For a Week

There are many positive impacts of water fast on your body. The fasting will help you in removing the toxins from the body and keeping you more healthy than before. Other benefits of water fast for a week are discussed below:-

  • One week water fast is enough to get rid of the health problems like diabetes, diarrhea, constipation, migraine, joint pains, and much more. It will help you remove these problems for a longer span of time.
  • This type of fast will also help in relaxing the digestive organs of the body. The digestive system will get relax and also heal the other parts of the body. It helps to remove the harmful toxins from the body to keep you healthy.
  • Fasting also benefits in boosting the immunity system of the body. Ultimately, this immune system aids in quickly fighting against the disease and recover from it.
  • Another benefit of water fasting is that you can easily lose your body weight. A week of water fasting can help you around lose 2-5 kg of weight. But you can easily gain the weight if you follow your normal diet. So, it is recommended to follow a controlled diet.
  • During the water fast for one week, you need to study and observe your mind carefully. It will help you in dieting and other food habits in future. By this, you can easily control your diet after fast that will further help in weight loss.
  • Also, the reduction in overall body fat is an added advantage of the water fast. This reduction in body fat will help in decreasing the risk of heart disease.

During this water fast, one has to maintain the positive attitude and mental strength. You will see a positive change in your health and lifestyle after this one week fast. On the other side, there are many downsides of this type of water fast.

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When you start the water fast, you are drastically reducing the calorie intake for seven days. This will result in muscle loss and also slows your metabolism to burn fewer calories. Other health risks like brain damage, low blood pressure, and anemia are more prone to occur.

You have seen both advantages and disadvantages When you Drink Water only for one Week. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your doctor before you begin the water fast as you are reducing the calorie intake. That’s for all, if you loved reading this article, then don’t forget to follow us.

Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks everyone must know

Whilst cleaning the house daily, the Kitchen is one of the most important parts that people concentrate upon. It is definitely the toughest part too after the baths and latrines. Every householder must keep his/her kitchen in appropriate conditions. This post is on Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks everyone must know.

From dishwashing to utensils use, kitchen sanitation depends on the level upon which the users use the same. If you are doing it the wrong way, more strength, time and liquids will be needed to get it clean.

Hence, go through this post where the top Kitchen cleaning tips & tricks are provided for all our readers.

Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks

None of the homemakers would like to see their Kitchen in misery. Kitchens with mounted dishes in stains, clogged sinks, smelly platforms or utensils and all such things are unacceptable from the hygienic and aesthetic point of view. If you are troubled by some similar issues, then these tips and tricks will help you to maintain a cleaner kitchen than before;

  • Firstly, you need to manage your dirty or used kitchenware utensils appropriately. Disposing of the same directly in the sink after the meals is one thing but do not leave it in that condition for long.
  • Separate the leftovers and dispose of them in separate plastic bags.
  • Later, you can wet your dishes and rub off the same using scrunching sponges.

Kitchen cleaning

  • Add some lemon cool-aid in the dishwasher to easily remove stains and smell from oily plates and bowls.
  • Cleaning time should not exceed a day if you are too busy with stuff. However, leaving the stains on the plates will require vigorous movements to clear the same. Hence, few hours after meals, the users can clean them, or the best would be instantaneous.
  • Run hot water down the sink to clear clogs easily. This will help the basin look clean and also avoid clogging of the food particles in the narrows.

Kitchen cleaning tips

  • Before you cook meals, make sure that the utensil is clean and stain free. You can also run down some warm water yo rinse the utensil before use.
  • Next, move on to clean the platform as it is also an essential part of the kitchen.
  • Clear the platform for all bottles, utensils, lids groceries, and other extra items. After the meals are prepared, make sure you clean the stove and chopping block individually.
  • Allow the stove and appliances to cool down until warm temperatures reach. Then, use wet wipes to clean the surfaces of the same.

Clean Kitchen tips and tricks

  • Have an organized kitchen so that your work becomes easier. Make sure that the right stuff goes to the right place and those not in use reach their places in time.
  • Always keep clean cloth or napkin around to wipe your hands after washing or cleaning the kitchen.

In addition to these, there are several things users can add as time allows. So, these are some of the Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks that will help our readers to orient cleanliness appropriately. To get in touch with us, contact here. Thank you, dear readers.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker Reviews of 2017

A walker is a device that helps your kid to move from one place to other with safety precautions. The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker is one of the best walkers that is available in the market. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the baby Einstein walker and its pros and cons.

This is a specially designed baby walker that comes with the elliptical frame for a sturdy platform. It will help your kid to learn walking with all the safety measures needed in the walker. Your baby will enjoy playing with the help of this baby walker from baby Einstein.

The baby Einstein walker is made from the strong materials that make it durable for a long amount of time. Now let’s start discussing this baby walker in detail with its specifications.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker

This walker from Baby Einstein is very convenient to use because of its user-friendly design and features. It comes with many colorful toys that keep your baby engaged for a long time. There is an adequate amount of area to keep this toys in the walker without any mess.

Find out – How the Water Softeners Improving the Quality of your Water

The toy tray can hold a big amount of toys and this tray is removable that makes it easy to clean. This detachable tray system saves space and makes it easy for you to transport the walker. You can also use this toy tray as a feeding tray when you want to feed your baby.

  • Comfortable seat
    • The walker has a comfortable seat with an extra height that provides extra cushioning and support. Also, it comes with many safety features that are needed for a baby walker.
  • Adjustable and easy to clean
    • You can adjust the height of the walker according to the height of your baby. Also, you can easily clean this walker in a very less time without any difficulty.
  • Toy station
    • There is a toy tray in this walker that has many playful toys of the different varieties. You can also remove this toy tray while feeding your baby.


  • The toy tray of the walker is quite hard to remove and requires a large amount of time.
  • It is best suitable for the babies weighing less than 25 pounds. So, it is not recommended for the kids having the weight greater than that.

When your baby moves with the walker, it will produce a melody sound for entertainment. This sound includes different tones of classical melodies in 3 different languages. Also, the steering wheel of the walker activates automatically while your kid is playing. This steering turns the lights on and makes ocean sounds for fun.

There are many useful features of this baby walker that makes it one of the best walkers. Also, when you are not using the walker then you can place it at any other place by folding it. Therefore, if you are looking for a comfortable and durable walker then you must consider this walker.

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With this, we would like to conclude this article on Baby Einstein Ocean Explorer Walker. We hope you are clear with the information provided above on the baby walker. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact us at Paper Chase. We will be glad to assist you in every possible manner. Thank you.

Best Coffee Cake Recipes 2017- Top Picks of the Year

So, I was browsing the web for my weekend morning breakfast. I had some coffee and bakery items left out. Then it hit me:

Cake + Coffee = Awesome

So the decision was easy, it needed to be a coffee cake. But how to make one? And how to make one that is worthy of one of these great weekend coffee mornings?

After checking out many of the recipes I found online and then trying out some of these I decided to make a list of the best of them (in my opinion of course). We also recommend best single serve coffee makers when it comes to good coffee.

The list below is in no particular order as they are all a bit different. They all do taste very yummy though

So here we go!

Best Coffee Cake Recipes 2017

Best Coffee Cake Recipes 2017

Coffee cakes can be made in many different styles I learned and with many different ingredients. So the taste of a coffee cake can vary widely. This makes sure that nearly everyone should be able to find his or her favorite coffee cake recipe.

Coffee Cake Tested Recipe & Video

Sitting leisurely in the morning with a slice of Coffee Cake and a steaming cup of coffee is one of the life’s little pleasures. This is your classic choice.

The Best Coffee Cake. Ever.

This is another one of the pirated recipes from my mother’s blessed recipe binder, which she accidentally left at my house a couple of days back.

A Cup of Coffee Cake (in Under Five Minutes)

I don’t love chocolate. BLASPHEMY I KNOW! It just doesn’t do it for me, what can I say? I do, however, love me some cinnamon. And some crumbles.

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake Recipe

We have a rhubarb patch, so I’m always looking for recipes featuring this fruit. I’ve served this coffee cake to my friends.

Easy Coffee Cake recipe

This recipe for coffee cake is so simple you can make it in about 10 minutes, bake it in 30 and be serving it 20 minutes later. It’s the perfect last-minute treat for your friends.

Coffee Cake

Carrie Vitt’s coffee cake recipe from deliciously organic ingredients.

Mocha Coffee Coffee Cake

This breakfast cake is a bad influence.  Not possible, you say?  Well, when chocolate and coffee join forces.

Yogurt Coffee Cake

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. This is my first Mother’s Day being a mother, so I don’t really know what to expect.

So, needless to say, that this was not a thing of one Saturday morning anymore now, but I know that I am covered for a few weeks or months with coffee cake recipes. Nearly every time I make coffee now I think about baking a cake with it hehe.

Which one is your favorite? Did you try them all or do you have an even better recipe for me?

Let me know in the comments section below please and feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social places you frequent. Let’s share the coffee cake love

Thank you for reading The Top 8 Coffee Cake Recipes On The Web and bon appetit!

Home Water Softener

Home Water Softeners Improving The Quality Of Your Water

Home Water Softeners Make Cleaning Easy!

Hard water contains an elevated mineral level. The main culprits are magnesium and calcium. Though water such as this is not detrimental to one’s well-being, it can influence how well water works. Softer water rinses detergents clean. A high mineral water can leave nuisances such as lime scale deposits that can clog pipe walls and water heaters, eventually destroying them.

Water spots and soap scum are difficult to clean. Clothing, when washed in hard water are not fluffy when dried and in fact, can come out with film of detergent leaving them stiff. When washing one’s own hair and body, soap and shampoo require extra water to rinse and still don’t leave a clean feeling.

One simple technique to determine whether a home has hard water is if soap lathers, whether when washing hands or running dishwater. There are hardness tests that can be done as well. For those that live in homes plagued by hard water, home water softeners are quick solutions.

Home water softeners resolve many issues created by less than perfect water. The way a traditional system works is by filtering the water containing calcium and mineral deposits with a sodium ion solution before it is dispersed throughout the household.

It is a very small amount of salt and can be tasted by some, so those sensitive to the taste or on reduced sodium diet can utilize a filter on the water tap in kitchens. These systems can be activated with water pressure, on an as needed basis or by electricity. Newer home water softeners are said to use an electric charge to neutralize hard water particles.

Electricity usage may be a concern, but the advantage with this type of system is not requiring a purchase of replacement cartridges as one would with a salt-basedwater softener system. There is also a benefit in not adding further chemicals to water in order to make it softer. Soft water makes for a cleaner home overall.

Less elbow grease and fewer soap products are required with treated water. Soft water prevents rings around tubs, or spots along shower glass or cars cleaned at home. Hair is shinier and skin feels cleaner when rinsed with water that has been softened. The real decision can be based on what works best individually. For those choosing to prevent extra chemicals from entering their water supply, the electric water softener may call out to them.

Popular brands – all types of water softeners included – Pelican, Waterside, Kinetico, Tapworks, Culligan, EZ, Little Plumber, Scalewatcher, Lifescience

Hydropure water systems

What can you tell me about Kinetico Water Treatment Systems for your home?

I’m thinking of getting a home water softener and am having trouble deciding between the one’s they sell at Sears, Culligan, or Kinetico.

Hydropure water systems?

Anyone used this water softening/filtration system? What do you think of the company itself and the product? Were you impressed with the changes in the quality of your water? Did you receive good customer service from them? We’ve been talking with them about possibly getting a water softener and filtration system for our home. However, I’m not that comfortable with the people we’ve spoken with.

They seem very very pushy, almost argumentative while they were on the phone with my husband last night. I was sitting next to him on the couch while they were talking and I could hear the person on the other end cutting him off all the time. It makes me not want to buy from them.

What good experiences have you had with home water softener companies?

I’m from Buffalo, NY and I am very interested in getting a water softening and/or purification system for my house. I am not exactly a “handy man” so I was hoping to dish our the extra money and buy the products/services through a company rather than doing it myself. I’ve heard a few good things about several companies but I want to hear what you all think.

Choosing a Water Softening System : Water Softeners Effect on Soap

Water softeners create more lather in soap. Learn how a water softener extends soap life from a water softening expert in this free home improvement video. Expert: Markus Anderson Bio: Markus Anderson has over eight years experience in designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading water softeners. Filmmaker: Paul Kersey

Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

What are the pros and cons of the Easy Plumb Water Softeners?

I need to replace a home water softener. 3 people, 2 baths. What brand of softener would you recommend and why? Thanks!

Will turning off a water softener do any damage to the the system or pipes?

We are moving into a mobile home with a water softening system, but do not want to use it. Will turning off and cleaning out the system hurt it? We plan to be there a few years and want to make sure it still works when we move out. Any website references would be helpful, as I couldn’t find any. Thank you.

Are water softeners for your home really worth it?

They seem expensive, and also Do you need the osmosis system to clean the water to drink?

Culligan Water Softener – A Honest Ziovi Review

Many men and women are interested in becoming a rep with ZoiVi corporation so because of this they search for any beneficial ZoiVi review since anybody can genuinely acheived success and earn a excellent amount of money regularly when affiliated with the program.

ZoiVi is really a mlm marketing organization which belongs to the health and wellness niche market. The company’s crew is highly productive, vibrant along with resourceful and above all they’re dedicated to servicing individuals inside the society by transforming their lives by means of cutting-edge ZoiVi products and solutions.

Not only will individuals enjoy the goods and services supplied by the corporation but they may also earn cash by availing the independent business opportunity furnished by ZoiVi that would be sure that they may have financial security and success down the road.

Before taking up the internet business opportunity you need to move through not only one ZoiVi review but a good amount of them in order to get the actual picture. One will discover quite a few ZoiVi review online.

A fantastic ZoiVi review just like it would teach you clearly about how you can earn money using the business. To make cash you need to promote the products from the organization. To earn more money you ought to bring in many people to market the company’s items.

The organization offers 7 major products particularly DTX, Burn, FastFood, TrueBoost, TrueComplete, TrueKids and EMZ. The first one is a solution which is great for complete cleansing. The next one is a premium fat burning supplement that functions entirely on cells.

The 3rd product or FastFood is actually a dietary supplement whey protein powder which provides more nutrition than the normal meal. The 4th product is a 100% pure power beverage that is made of anti-oxidants like Co-Q10 and vitamins and minerals. The fifth product is a supplement which produces skin health, healthy bones, teeth, cardiovascular system function, gums and liverfunction.

Culligan Water Softener

TrueKids is just like TrueComplete but it is ideal for children and teenagers. The very last product, i.e. EMZ is a supplement that makes the entire body efficient in absorbing maximum nutrients. A Ziovi Review on each one of these supplements would contain more info.

When it comes to a ZoiVi review, most of them would probably reinforce the fact that it’s not at all that difficult to build an income with them if one has numerous acquaintances along with persuasive power.

Moreover, since ZoiVi is among the niche therefore it is that much easier to sell these products, after all who doesn’t want to get healthy? This review would give you a proper notion of how one can make money during times when the occurrences of obesity have grown high and people choose to slim down desperately.

You need to start off by discovering people who are thinking about buying the goods that you will be offering. You can start with men and women from your friend circle as well as family members, these will make a warm market to approach while you’re increasing a customer base. In case some of these people are considering making a living like you then you definitely ought to suggest the ZoiVi web site to these people.

In order to continually improve your association with ZoiVi into a enormous business this ZoiVi review would suggest that you just sign up a lot more team members into your group so as to gain more potential customers. After all this isn’t a one-man-army where one individual can handle every little thing therefore in order to create brand-new business leads also to brand oneself as the leader one must think out of the box and get people on your team.

Purely remaining within the group of your friends and relatives members as your customer base is not going to help you. In case you follow the advice shown in this review, you would be increasing your odds of making it big with ZoiVi.

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Autotrol Water Softener Reviews

There are many areas where residents have to deal with hard water on a regular basis. Hard water is caused by the presence of lime and other minerals in the water. These minerals interfere with the effectiveness of detergents, with the rinsing of the detergents from clothes or dishes, and with the functioning of the washing devices.

It is important to start softening your water as soon as possible if you have this issue in your area. It can save your clothes, dishes, devices and even your skin.

There are various ways that you can use to soften your water. The Autotrol Water Softener is one of them. There are actually two main types of water softener valve available from Autotrol – models 255 and 268. The 255 valve is used for residential homes while the 268 valve is more suitable for areas that encounter greater levels of water flow. For each type of valve, there is a variety of softeners complete with filters to choose from.

Autotrol Water Softener

Benefits of Autotrol Water Softeners

  • It only has to be installed once. There is no need to use other forms of water softeners. This means you don’t have to remember to add softener to the washing machines before using them.
  • It neutralizes and filters the minerals out of the water that make it hard.
  • Clothes look cleaner, look brighter, and last longer.
  • Dishes are cleaned more efficiently and no longer have a misty film on them after being washed.
  • Your skin may become clearer if you are experiencing various types of conditions including rashes.
  • You save money on detergents and soaps because you do not need to use as much with soft water.
  • Although there is a moderate investment to be made in the system, after a few years, it pays for itself in the money it saves from broken devices, inefficient use of devices, and damaged clothes.
  • It is easier to install than some competing water softening devices.

Popular Autotrol Products

The prices of the Autotrol water softeners vary between sellers, the type of valve chosen, and the sub-type of softener. The general range is usually between $500 and $1200. The higher prices pertain to those that offer more durability and are for high levels of use.

In terms of those meant for residences, the Autotrol 255 valve with 48,000 grain capacity is one of the top sellers. It is perfect for softening well water and city water. It is a metered system and it regenerates based on the water that you use. This system sells for between $600 and $700. If you are looking for something slightly cheaper, the 24,000 and 32,000 grain products sell for between $500 and $600 in most cases. These are also suitable for well water and city water.

One of the most popular types of 268 valve is the 24,000 grain capacity. It is actually considered to be a top performing product by this name. This softener has a Logix 762 controller, variable capacity for the reserve, and a 1 inch internal porting. The user data storage is not erased from this device if there is a power outage so there is no need to reset it after these occurrences. This particular product is often found for prices between $600 and $700 dollars.

What Customers Say

The general consensus for these products is that they make life quite convenient. According to Autotrol water conditioner reviews by actual customers, this is a high quality water softener highly recommended for residential and commercial use. These devices make a big difference to how washing devices function.

Since these machines don’t have to deal with minerals in the water, they stay working well for longer. The same applies to clothes and dishes. Rashes on the skin of customers that have been caused by hard water reduce in size and even disappear.

Because you install this device, you don’t have to remember to using powder or liquid softeners plus your skin doesn’t have to be exposed to the hard water. There is an investment to be made on this water softener but it saves you money in the long run. You don’t have to replace the dish washer or washing machine as quickly.

Your clothes last much longer. These are savings that add up over the years and can amount to thousands of dollars. If you want cleaner clothes and dishes; skin that feels good to be in; and devices that function well for longer, it is time to invest in an Autotrol water softener.

Before You Install Water Softeners

Before you settle to any type of water softener, you should pay attention to the size of the tank. It is very important that you identify the amount of water that you will be used in your home. Apart from that, you should not also forget to calculate the hardness.

What is the essence of knowing the hardness of the water? This is very beneficial because it serves to be your determinant which type of water softener you will need. You have to keep in mind that average people use about eighty gallons of water a day.

For those who have a couple of bathrooms at home, that would be three hundred twenty gallon in day for families of four. For a rule of a thumb, you will surely need a system that is capable to handle the hardness the water. In addition to that, you should also have a sensitive understanding that the frequency of the system regeneration can have an effect to the size of your tank.

Before You Install Water Softeners


Water softeners need periodic regeneration in order to maintain the softness of the water. With this, you can choose a water softener that is driven by automatic regeneration. However, there are also water softening systems that manually regenerates. It is now a matter of preference which one you will choose.

But for your basis, majority of the automatic water softeners in the marketplace are designed with electronic heads that are digital. It comes with a programmed schedule of regeneration. On the other hand, manual softeners need a person in order to begin the regeneration process. In addition, there are also timed systems where in the regeneration takes place exactly the same time in every day.

Ease of Use

Whether you choose manual, automatic or timed water softener, you need to keep in mind that there is a need for you to refill the salt that is in the brine tank. Also, it is very important that you use the right salt in refilling the brine tank regularly. Say for instance, if you prefer to utilize a potassium chloride system, it is a must that you have an access to potassium chloride pellets every time you need to refill the tank.


One of the major concerns that are confronted to the use of water softener is its impact to the environment. For your additional information, salt-driven water softeners may not only be harmful to people with high blood pressure and heart diseases but they can also be very detrimental the environment. To deal with this kind of problem, it is necessary you pay attention to the local ordinances in your area before installing water softener.

As conclusion, water softeners are great stuffs at home. But needless to say, you should also consider the basics and imperative.