Autotrol Water Softener Reviews

There are many areas where residents have to deal with hard water on a regular basis. Hard water is caused by the presence of lime and other minerals in the water. These minerals interfere with the effectiveness of detergents, with the rinsing of the detergents from clothes or dishes, and with the functioning of the washing devices.

It is important to start softening your water as soon as possible if you have this issue in your area. It can save your clothes, dishes, devices and even your skin.

There are various ways that you can use to soften your water. The Autotrol Water Softener is one of them. There are actually two main types of water softener valve available from Autotrol – models 255 and 268. The 255 valve is used for residential homes while the 268 valve is more suitable for areas that encounter greater levels of water flow. For each type of valve, there is a variety of softeners complete with filters to choose from.

Autotrol Water Softener

Benefits of Autotrol Water Softeners

  • It only has to be installed once. There is no need to use other forms of water softeners. This means you don’t have to remember to add softener to the washing machines before using them.
  • It neutralizes and filters the minerals out of the water that make it hard.
  • Clothes look cleaner, look brighter, and last longer.
  • Dishes are cleaned more efficiently and no longer have a misty film on them after being washed.
  • Your skin may become clearer if you are experiencing various types of conditions including rashes.
  • You save money on detergents and soaps because you do not need to use as much with soft water.
  • Although there is a moderate investment to be made in the system, after a few years, it pays for itself in the money it saves from broken devices, inefficient use of devices, and damaged clothes.
  • It is easier to install than some competing water softening devices.

Popular Autotrol Products

The prices of the Autotrol water softeners vary between sellers, the type of valve chosen, and the sub-type of softener. The general range is usually between $500 and $1200. The higher prices pertain to those that offer more durability and are for high levels of use.

In terms of those meant for residences, the Autotrol 255 valve with 48,000 grain capacity is one of the top sellers. It is perfect for softening well water and city water. It is a metered system and it regenerates based on the water that you use. This system sells for between $600 and $700. If you are looking for something slightly cheaper, the 24,000 and 32,000 grain products sell for between $500 and $600 in most cases. These are also suitable for well water and city water.

One of the most popular types of 268 valve is the 24,000 grain capacity. It is actually considered to be a top performing product by this name. This softener has a Logix 762 controller, variable capacity for the reserve, and a 1 inch internal porting. The user data storage is not erased from this device if there is a power outage so there is no need to reset it after these occurrences. This particular product is often found for prices between $600 and $700 dollars.

What Customers Say

The general consensus for these products is that they make life quite convenient. According to Autotrol water conditioner reviews by actual customers, this is a high quality water softener highly recommended for residential and commercial use. These devices make a big difference to how washing devices function.

Since these machines don’t have to deal with minerals in the water, they stay working well for longer. The same applies to clothes and dishes. Rashes on the skin of customers that have been caused by hard water reduce in size and even disappear.

Because you install this device, you don’t have to remember to using powder or liquid softeners plus your skin doesn’t have to be exposed to the hard water. There is an investment to be made on this water softener but it saves you money in the long run. You don’t have to replace the dish washer or washing machine as quickly.

Your clothes last much longer. These are savings that add up over the years and can amount to thousands of dollars. If you want cleaner clothes and dishes; skin that feels good to be in; and devices that function well for longer, it is time to invest in an Autotrol water softener.