GE Water Softener Reviews

GE or General Electric, one of the famous names in the trade of electrical appliance all over the world, had attained name and fame in the field of water softeners also in quiet some years. GE water softeners are a right approach for the people who have been suffering from the problems of hard water since long.

The name of GE on a water softener or any other electrical appliance is the guarantee of their quality and performance as compared to other brands.

GE Water Softener Reviews

Brief Background of GE

General Electric was initiated by Thomas Alva Edison, a famous historical name in this field, in 1876 in his New Jersey based contemporary lab where he went on inventing various electrical appliances including his famous electric bulb.

Facing the competitive situations in the market Edison’s company merged with one other company to form New York based General Electric Company in 1892 which later on got the honor of being listed on Dow Jones Industrial Average as one of the twelve other distinctive industries of that time.

Since then GE had acquired various other companies and established in various other fields of electrical appliances as Radio Corporation of America and recently it had entered to the field of computers also. At present GE is involved in a variety of business ventures including movies and television, finance, mortgage and life insurance, gas and wind turbine, customer service, medical imaging equipment and aircraft jet engines.

GE water conditioners are one of the numerous electrical appliances produced by this brand that had helped the household with the comfort and efficiency including showers, dishwashers etc. This water softener is an appliance, which should be there in each and every household. This equipment is a must for those people, who are residing in hard water areas.

Popular models of GE water softeners

GE had produced a wide range of water softeners for domestic use to be used for all sizes of families including small and large. The differences in these models are based on their size, capacity to soften the water and options to monitor their performance only otherwise basically they own the guarantee of GE for their quality and endurance. Some of the selected popular models of GE water softeners are as under:

  • GE SmartWater water softener is ideal for families of 4 or more. It features SmartSoft TM technology which monitors water usage and anticipates future demands to keep your water soft.
  • GNSH45E water softener is the super capacity model from GE which is an ideal model to serve a family of four persons as it has water softening capacity of 45,100 grains per regeneration cycle with 200 pounds salt capacity. 1 ¼” is the pipe size needed for this model. Advanced monitoring system attached to this model enables the consumer to check the remaining capacity of soft water, level of salt, daily or weekly usage of soft water and number of days taken to get it consumed. The monitoring of this advanced model of GE Water Softener has been made easy through its blue status light that glows brightly.
  • GXSF40H is another extra large capacity GE water softener providing 40,200 grains per regeneration cycle with deluxe electronic monitoring facility. This water softener can be fitted to the pips up to 1″ size. The level of salt and number of days until it becomes empty can be monitored easily with the deluxe electronic monitor with the help of a bright blue status light that illuminates brightly in these extra large capacity GE water softening system. The performance of these water softeners in domestic use is found best with the pipes sizing up to 1″.
  • GXSF30H model with water softening capacity of 30,200 grains per regeneration cycle capacity, GNSF35Z model with 35,200 grains per regeneration cycle capacity, GXSS20Hmodel with 20,000 grains per regeneration cycle capacity, GXSF18G model with water softening capacity of 18,000 grains per regeneration cycle are fitted with standard electronic monitoring system. All of these models are specifically developed for the use of small families or for those who have smaller space to install them.

Benefits of GE water softeners

  • Reliability of brand name
  • Guaranteed effectiveness
  • Instantly monitored
  • Easily installable
  • Easily usable
  • Cost efficient
  • Number of models to choose

What Customers Say

So, after reviewing all the benefits and features of the GE water conditioners, most of their customers are of the view that they are the best of their range.