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Hard water contains an elevated mineral level. The main culprits are magnesium and calcium. Though water such as this is not detrimental to one’s well-being, it can influence how well water works. Softer water rinses detergents clean. A high mineral water can leave nuisances such as lime scale deposits that can clog pipe walls and water heaters, eventually destroying them.

Water spots and soap scum are difficult to clean. Clothing, when washed in hard water are not fluffy when dried and in fact, can come out with film of detergent leaving them stiff. When washing one’s own hair and body, soap and shampoo require extra water to rinse and still don’t leave a clean feeling.

One simple technique to determine whether a home has hard water is if soap lathers, whether when washing hands or running dishwater. There are hardness tests that can be done as well. For those that live in homes plagued by hard water, home water softeners are quick solutions.

Home water softeners resolve many issues created by less than perfect water. The way a traditional system works is by filtering the water containing calcium and mineral deposits with a sodium ion solution before it is dispersed throughout the household.

It is a very small amount of salt and can be tasted by some, so those sensitive to the taste or on reduced sodium diet can utilize a filter on the water tap in kitchens. These systems can be activated with water pressure, on an as needed basis or by electricity. Newer home water softeners are said to use an electric charge to neutralize hard water particles.

Electricity usage may be a concern, but the advantage with this type of system is not requiring a purchase of replacement cartridges as one would with a salt-basedwater softener system. There is also a benefit in not adding further chemicals to water in order to make it softer. Soft water makes for a cleaner home overall.

Less elbow grease and fewer soap products are required with treated water. Soft water prevents rings around tubs, or spots along shower glass or cars cleaned at home. Hair is shinier and skin feels cleaner when rinsed with water that has been softened. The real decision can be based on what works best individually. For those choosing to prevent extra chemicals from entering their water supply, the electric water softener may call out to them.

Popular brands – all types of water softeners included – Pelican, Waterside, Kinetico, Tapworks, Culligan, EZ, Little Plumber, Scalewatcher, Lifescience

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What can you tell me about Kinetico Water Treatment Systems for your home?

I’m thinking of getting a home water softener and am having trouble deciding between the one’s they sell at Sears, Culligan, or Kinetico.

Hydropure water systems?

Anyone used this water softening/filtration system? What do you think of the company itself and the product? Were you impressed with the changes in the quality of your water? Did you receive good customer service from them? We’ve been talking with them about possibly getting a water softener and filtration system for our home. However, I’m not that comfortable with the people we’ve spoken with.

They seem very very pushy, almost argumentative while they were on the phone with my husband last night. I was sitting next to him on the couch while they were talking and I could hear the person on the other end cutting him off all the time. It makes me not want to buy from them.

What good experiences have you had with home water softener companies?

I’m from Buffalo, NY and I am very interested in getting a water softening and/or purification system for my house. I am not exactly a “handy man” so I was hoping to dish our the extra money and buy the products/services through a company rather than doing it myself. I’ve heard a few good things about several companies but I want to hear what you all think.

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Water softeners create more lather in soap. Learn how a water softener extends soap life from a water softening expert in this free home improvement video. Expert: Markus Anderson Bio: Markus Anderson has over eight years experience in designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading water softeners. Filmmaker: Paul Kersey

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We are moving into a mobile home with a water softening system, but do not want to use it. Will turning off and cleaning out the system hurt it? We plan to be there a few years and want to make sure it still works when we move out. Any website references would be helpful, as I couldn’t find any. Thank you.

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They seem expensive, and also Do you need the osmosis system to clean the water to drink?